Quentin Carnaille

Born in 1984 in Roubaix, Quentin Carnaille has quickly become a force on the art scene in the north of France.

Formerly an architecture student, Carnaille has always been fascinated by how things function. His earliest works were influenced by clockwork mechanisms, which he diverted from their primary use to create jewellery and accessories. He would soon move on to making sculptures and larger works with the same aesthetic and inspiration.
Contemporaneity and futuristic ideas have informed Carnaille’swork from the start, with him building on his initial focus on mankind’s past and origins.

There is a metaphysical dimension to his work as well as a real reflection on art history. Indeed, the artist reinterprets some classics of Western art, offering a new perspective. For example, his anthropomorphic sculptures reference Giacometti while being quintessentially Quentin Carnaille. In this regard, postmodernism permeates certain works by Carnaille. This approach is enhanced by the concepts of readymades and found objects.



Quentin Carnaille's biography (pdf)
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Art Pampelonne, Saint Tropez (FR)

Identité, urban Installation, Lille (FR)

Collective exhibition, private gallery, Amsterdam (NL)

Attraction at Pisa Orologeria, Milan (IT)

Bruxelle (BE)

Galerie Liehrmann, Liège (BE)

Nuits de la cryptes, Lille (FR)

Galerie BS, Paris (FR)

Art Up !, Lille (FR)

Espacio 120, Barcelone (ES)


Kunst, Zurich (CH)

Art Elysées, Paris (FR)

MAD Gallery, Taipei (TW)

Contemporary Art Platform Gallery (KW)

Art Beijing, Beijing (CN)

Design Days Dubai, Dubai (UAE)

MAD Gallery, Dubai (UAE)


Art & Gallery Space, Munich (DE)

Art Up!, Lille (FR)

Galerie Marie-Therese Prosperi (LU)


Galerie Daniel Besseiche, Knokke (BE)

Galerie Joyce, Paris (FR)

Cite de la Mode et du Design, Paris (FR)

Art Up!, Lille (FR)


MAD Gallery, Geneva (CH)

Lille Art Fair, Lille (FR)


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