Dara Scully

Dara Scully was born in Spain in 1989. She lives and Works in Madrid.

Investigating the theme of childhood, her photographs are "a book of poems, like a visual notebook about (her) past lives". Her series entitled 'A Child is Playing' goes further in reflection by pushing it beyond childhood nostalgia. The use of black and white, evoking memories and souvenirs, is reinforced by sharp contrasts that aim to highlight the dissonance between the expected naivety of innocence and the unfathomable gaze of the subject.

In the path of Mary Ellen Mark or Sally Mann, Scully transgresses the sanctity of childhood by placing her focus on darker emotions. Her characters are classically set in an untamed environment, consequently releasing their most primal feelings such as defiance, hostility, if not provocation. An ambivalence between two psychological states is established; Childhood becomes the fertile ground to our anxiety, the foundation of our psyché, the root of our adult sorrows. The presence of a pair of scissors as memento mori, threatening to cut the childhood braid or stab the maternal body, underlies the potential violence that may exist while separating these bonds. Even if this process may be painful, it is vital.

A fascination for twinning is also omnipresent in Scully?s work. Recalling the strangeness of Stanley Kubrick?s twins in The Shining, Scully however, drifts away from Diane Arbus or Roger Ballen?s images by stripping and erasing any form of social connotation. The two little girls become the embodiment of the duality, which resides in each and everyone of us. They are the reality and the fantasy, the inner and the outside world, the I and the Me in the turmoil of a constant fight for balance.


Dara Scully's biography (pdf)
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