Zhu Ming

Born in 1972 in the Hunan province, China, Zhu Ming lives and works in Beijing.

Zhu Ming?s art was nurtured in the early 90s in Beijing?s East Village community, a cradle for the most experimental artists in China. Performing with a highly symbolic transparent balloon inside of which he immerses himself, his work is infused with various layers of significance. Whether a return to a primordial state, an escape from the rigid social conformity, or a contemporary Vanitas, Zhu Ming?s performances have shaped the genre in China for all future generations.

With participations in several pivotal group exhibitions and performances including tat he Tate Modern (London), The Victoria and Albert Museum (London), ICP (New York), Museum of Modern Art (Denmark), Zhu Ming has become one of the most inspiring performer from China. In 2009, he was invited to do one of his balloon performances on the beach for Miami Basel.  Additionally Zhu Ming has participated in seminal exhibitions both in China and abroad including Fuck Off (Shanghai) and Between Past Present and Future : New Photography and Video From China (New York - Chicago - Berlin - Santa Barbara).


Zhu Ming's biography (pdf)
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Chemin du Village, 06650 Opio
(20mn de Cannes / 20' from Cannes, FR)
+33 (0)4 93 09 0000