ByungJoo Kim


Byung Joo Kim, was born in Seoul, Korea, 1979, is a sculpture in South Korea.


ByungJoo Kim?s work is defined as an ellipse between the art of drawing and sculpture in order to achieve the fusion of both disciplines represented by an architectural space hollowed out of all walls, doors and windows.

These three-dimensional works are thinly detached from the acrylic board so the viewer gets lost between indoor and outdoor perspectives, creating an infinite number of outlooks.

These virtual structures from ByungJoo Kim imaginary confuse the two basic principles of our contemporary buildings: private and public spheres become one. They are beyond just focusing on easily recognizable forms of houses such as an individual?s private living space or familiar space structures within our daily lives, and still growing in a way of creating an imaginary city space based on previous research on architectural structures or representing the whole organic structure through repeatable creation and convergence of townscape itself.


He received M.F.A. from Sculpture department of Hongik University, South Korea. Kim has participated numerous group exhibitions such as BIRTH, Yangpyeong Art Museum, South Korea in 2013. Seoul Museum of Art and Pohang Museum of Steel Art in South Korea has Kim?s sculpture works as their collection.     



ByungJoo Kim's biography (pdf)
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