Peter Coulson

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Peter Coulson is known as the master of modern age black-and-white photography. Self-taught, Coulson initially turned to photography after his father lent him his own Minolta for a Chuck Berry concert. Whether it be shooting campaigns for international brands, conducting seminars & workshop, or focusing on his personal creation, his life has since then never ceased to revolve around photography. His images are recognized and well known for their sensual, mysterious & elegant feel, always with a twist of his screwed up sense of humour. His dedication to his art transpires through the pure yet efficient compositions of his photographs, as well as in the pivotal importance of his use of light to trigger strong motions. While moderate in his commercial creations, Coulson offers an alternative vision of eroticism in his artistic work. Denoting an affinity with fetishism, his models are reminiscent of Helmut Newton's. Rather than their beauty, Coulson highlights their inner strength; they overcome their status to become allegorical figures, yet never divest themselves from Coulson's razor-sharp wittiness.

Hasselblad ambassador around the globe, Peter Coulson's photographs have been published as covers and editorials in magazines worldwide, winning many prestigious awards during the course of his 20 year long career such as Canon AIPP Australian Fashion Photographer of the Year, Epson AIPP Victorian Commercial/Advertising Photographer of the Year, Runner-up Epson AIPP Victorian Professional Photographer of the Year, etc. His work is a continuous series of ongoing projects. Habitually sharing, he notably raised funds for cancer research through his series "In My Pants" in 2012.


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Chemin du Village, 06650 Opio
(20mn de Cannes / 20' from Cannes, FR)
+33 (0)4 93 09 0000