David Begbie

Born in 1955 in Edinburgh, David Begbie lives and works in London, U.-K..

Since 1977, he has been investigating the possibilities offered by a one-of-a-kind medium: metal mesh, both bronze and steel. Stretched, dented, or bent, the metal eventually becomes skin. The cold structure hatches into a delicate feminine, masculine or even androgynous mortal coil. He achieves fine sculpting detail of musculature and an aesthetic completeness of human form which has even been compared to Michelangelo and particular Rodin, even though his subject is often that of the partial or truncated figure. But beyond metal, it truly is light that Begbie is modeling. When struck by its rays, the sculptures' shades start dancing along the walls, the meditative faces of the Buddhas are lit up with a gentle smile and the seraphic figures spread their wings. While this quest for enlightenment is rooted in the artist's spirituality, it truly is life and the purity of being that the artist celebrates.

With over thirty solo shows in four continents, works being collected by many museums  (Galleria Nazionali de Arte Moderna, Roma, Italy;  National Gallery Canberra, Australia ; Museum Beelden aan Zee, Holland ; National Gallery of Canada ; National History Museum, London,  U.-K.)  as well as an extensive list of public and private commissions (Natural History Museum, London, U.-K. ; the Faith Dome of the Millennium Dome, Greenwich, U.-K. ; Buddha Bar,  London, U.-K. ; Citibank, London, G.-B.; The Hyatt Carlton, London, U.-K. ;  Connaught Hotel, London U.-K. ; The Lowry Hotel, Manchester, U.-K. ; Hanover Grange, Montego Bay, Jamaïca, etc.), David Begbie is one of the most influent sculptor in England.


David Begbie's biography (pdf)
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David begbie Né / Born: Edinburgh, Scotland
Vit et travaille / Live and works: South East London, UK

2011 Archetypes, Moorhouse, London 2013 ?KONTINUUM? Lightwork, Syracuse (Italy)
Skindeep, Ode to Art, Singapore (Singapore)
Van Loon en Simons, Vught, Netherlands (Netherlands)
GENUS, Australian Galleries, Sydney (Australia)
GENUS, Australian Galleries, Melbourne (Australia)
Soft Opening (solo show), Different, London (United-Kingdom)
David Begbie, Albemarle Gallery, London (United-Kingdom)
2010 Gallery Different, London (United-Kingdom)
Thin Air, Air Gallery, London (United-Kingdom)
Aria Sottile, Vecchiato Arte, Padua (Italy)
Unud, AM Gallery, Roquetas Del Mar, Almeria (Spain)
Iconii, Chapter House, Canterbury Cathedral (United-Kingdom)
Archetypes, Moorhouse, London (United-Kingdom)
Skindeep, Ode to Art, Singapore (Singapore)
2009 Gallery Different London (United-Kingdom)
Nudus, Number Nine, Birmingham (United-Kingdom)
Biennale, Galerie Van Loon en Simons, Vught (Holland)
Unud, Somerville Gallery, Plymouth (United-Kingdom)
Gallery Different at Queens Elm Gallery, Chelsea, London, including ?Rythmic Ties? Concert
2008 Genii, Albemarle Gallery, London (United-Kingdom)
Gallery Different, London (United-Kingdom)
Grandslam 2008 maquette, (A.L.T.E.C. Wimbledon)
2007 Gallerie Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome (Italy)
Gallery Different, London (United-Kingdom)
Galerie Van Loon en Simmons (Netherlands)
Form 2007 Olympia, London (United-Kingdom)
Antebodies, Buschlen Mowatt Galleries, Vancouver (Canada)
2006 Gallery Different London (United-Kingdom)
Number Nine, Birmingham (United-Kingdom)
2005 Nuduu, Gallery Different, London (United-Kingdom)
The Catto Gallery, London (United-Kingdom)
Etienne & Van Loon (Netherlands)
2004 Gallery Different, London (United-Kingdom)
Hotel Linde, Mariawörth (Austria)
Herman Miller Event, International Art Consultants, London (United-Kingdom)
2003 Gallery Different, London (United-Kingdom)
Camino Real Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida (United-States)
Magidson Fine Art, Aspen, Colorado International Art Consultants, Spectrum, London (United-Kingdom)
Plus One Plus Two Galleries, London (United-Kingdom)
Number Nine, Birmingham (United-Kingdom)
Spectrum, International Art Consultants London (United-Kingdom)
Festival Gallery, Henley Festival (United-Kingdom)
2002 Gallery Different, London (United-Kingdom)
Plus One Plus Two Galleries, London (United-Kingdom)
Online - Platform for Art, Gloucester Road, London (United-Kingdom)
Buschlen Mowatt Galleries, Vancouver (Canada)
Galerie Bernd Duerr, Munich (Germany)
2001 Gallery Different, London (United-Kingdom)
2000 Gallery Differentiate, London (United-Kingdom)
1999 Gallery Differentiate, London (United-Kingdom)
Inauguration of Stirling Square, St James, London ? Sir James Stirlings final building (United-Kingdom)
1998 Begbie Selected Retrospective, early Work 1983-1991 and recent work 1998, Gallery Differentiate, London
1997 Gallery Differentiate, London (United-Kingdom)
The Festival of Erotica, Olympia, London (United-Kingdom)
1996 Gallery Differentiate, London (United-Kingdom)
Artopia, New York (United-States)
Hannah Peschar Gallery & Sculpture Garden, Surrey (United-Kingdom)
1995 Gallery Differentiate, London (United-Kingdom)
Magidson Fine Art, Aspen, Colorado (United-States)
Posner Fine Art, Santa Monica, California (United-States)
1994 Gallery Differentiate, London (United-Kingdom)
Fire Station Gallery, Sydney, Australia (Opened by Terence Meecham - Director of the Powerhouse
Museum, Sydney (Australia)
Emporio Armani, Brompton Road, London. Special Collaboration (United-Kingdom)
Joel Kessler Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA 1993 Gallery Different, London (United-Kingdom)
Catto Gallery, London (United-Kingdom)
1992 Gallery Different, London (United-Kingdom)
1991 Salama-Caro Gallery, Cork Street, London (United-Kingdom)
1990 Wates City Tower, London (United-Kingdom)
Salama-Caro Gallery, Cork Street, London (United-Kingdom)
1989 Salama-Caro Gallery, Cork Street, London (United-Kingdom)
1988 ?Crucifix?, Installation at Winchester Cathedral (United-Kingdom)
Henley 88 Festival, Henley On Thames, (United-Kingdom)
1987 Salama-Caro Gallery, Cork Street, London (United-Kingdom)
I.C.A.F, Olympia, London (United-Kingdom)
1986 Galeria Il Ponte, Rome (Italy)
Forum, Zurich (Switzerland)
Navy Pier, Chicago (United-States)
Savacou Fine
Art, Toronto (United-Kingdom)
1986 Simpsons of Piccadilly of London - Special Collaborative One Man Exhibition (United-Kingdom)
Brompton Gallery, Knightsbridge, London 1985 Brompton Gallery, Knightsbridge, London (United-
1984 Brompton Gallery, Knightsbridge, London

FOIRES / ART FAIRS, 2012-2013
Nude, Albemarle Gallery, London
Cork Street Open Exhibition, London
Outside the White Cube, London
Plateaux Gallery, London
AFO, Docklands, London
HUS Gallery Knightsbridge, London
Marriott Burns Night Ball 2012 (Donation) Gallery Tanner and Lawson, London
Gallery Different, London
Figuratively Speaking, Byard Art, Cambridge
Captured Portrait Sculpture, Sculpt Gallery, Essex
London Boat Show 2013, Fine Art Sails, London Excel
Edinburgh Art Fair 2012, Number Nine The Gallery, Scotland
Art Cheshire 2012, Number Nine The Gallery, Scotland
Hannah Peschar Gallery & Sculpture Garden, Surrey Artparks International, Guernsey
Woman Past & Present, Sculpt Gallery, Essex
Number Nine the Gallery, Birmingham
Somerville Gallery, Plymouth
Transcend, Buddha-Bar, Knightsbridge, London
Transpose, Buddha-Bar, Knightsbridge, London
Summer Salon Show 2013, Rarity Gallery, Mykonos (Greece)
Real Is Me 2013, Gallery VAN LOON & SIMONS, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Biennale Brabant, Gallery VAN LOON & SIMONS, Tilburg (Netherlands)
BLOOOM - The converging Art Show, Cologne, Galerie Irrgang (Germany)
David Begbie & Mathias Perlet, Galerie Irrgang, Leipzig (Germany)
Galerie Zeugma, Cologne (Germany)
HUS Gallery Gstaad (Switzerland)
Summer Exhibition, Hotel Linde, Maria Wörth (Austria)
Van Loon & Simons, Vught (Netherlands)
nyb12 (Sculpture Network) Hauset (Belgium)
Vecchiato Art Galleries: Padua, Pietrasanta and Milan (Italy)
Ana Mercader Gallery, Almeria and Madrid (Spain)
Summer Salon Show 2012, Rarity Gallery, Mykonos (Greece)
The Hooke Sculpture Gallery, Sag Harbor, New York Global Art, Miami
Toronto International Art Fair, Elliott-Louis-Gallery
Expanding Horizons, Elliott Louis Gallery Canadian Fine Art, Vancouver
Affordable Artfair Hong Kong 2013, Ode to Art (China)
Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Gallery Van Loon&Simons Ode to Art, Singapore (Singapore)

Galleria Natzionali de Arte Moderna, Rome (Italy)
National Gallery Canberra (Australia)
Museum Beelden aan Zee (Netherlands)
National Gallery of Canada
Citibank, London (United-Kingdom)
Southwark Bridge, London (United-Kingdom) - Figure & Fountain, 1989
City Place House, London (United-Kingdom)- Back to Front Diptych & ?Venus, 1991
The Hyatt Carlton, London (United-Kingdom) The Peak Health Series, 1993
Natural History Museum, London (United-Kingdom), Primates Gallery, permanent site for ?Origins?
Triptych Sculpture, 1993
Cannons City Gym, London - Archetypes, 1994
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, 1996
The Hyatt Carlton, London (United-Kingdom), Swimmingtruncs, 1997
The Hyatt, Hamburg (Germany) - Composure, 1998
Ladbroke Sporting Casino, London (Germany) - Chance, 1999
The Jam House, Birmingham (United-Kingdom) - Anangel & Manangel, 1999
60 Queen Victoria Street, London (United-Kingdom) - Humantouch, dyptich, 1999
Faith Zone, Millennium Dome, Greenwich, London (United-Kingdom) - Faith, 1999
Millennium Sculpture St Mary the Less, Chilbolton, Winchester (United-Kingdom) - Cruciform, 1999
Fleet Place House, Holborn Viaduct (United-Kingdom) - Fishnet, 2000
Bedes World Museum, Jarrow, Tyne & Wear (United-Kingdom) - Worldsapart, 2000
Ten Covent Garden, Connaught Rooms, London (United-Kingdom) - Heavenlybodies, 2001
The Lowry Hotel, Manchester (United-Kingdom) - Suspense, 2001
The Milan Bar, Grants of Croydon, London (United-Kingdom) - Anangel, 2002
Hotel Linde, Mariawörth (Austria) - Nuda, 2004
Radisson SAS Hotel, Stansted (United-Kingdom) - Standover, 2004
Shrine of Walsingham, Norfolk (United-Kingdom) - Crucifix, 2005
The Jam House, Edinburgh (United-Kingdom) - Aangel, 2005
San Domenico House, (United-Kingdom) - Nuuda, Nuudu, & Tunuud, 2006
Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Providence Wharf (United-Kingdom) - Genus Series : Venus & Veni, 2007
62 Threadneedle Street (United-Kingdom) - Totu, 2006
Way of Therapy, London (United-Kingdom) - Otuu, 2007
The All England Lawn Tennis And Croquet Club, Centre Court Wimbledon (United-Kingdom) -
Grandslam, 2008
Coloplast Limited, Peterborough (United-Kingdom) - Olo, 2008
Hanover Grange, Montego Bay, (Jamaica) - Statu I & Statu II, 2010 & Nuwdstill, 2008
Buddha-Bar, Knightsbridge, London (United-Kingdom) - Transcend & Transpose, 2012

1984 -1988 David Begbie
1992 Double Vision
1993 The Catto Gallery, London
1994 Body Of Work
2010 Skin Deep
2011 Genus


Chemin du Village, 06650 Opio
(20mn de Cannes / 20' from Cannes, FR)
+33 (0)4 93 09 0000