Stephan Zirwes

Born in Germany in 1967, Stephan Zirwes currently lives and works in Stuttgart (Germany).


Suspended from a helicopter a hundred of meters above the ground with a climbing harness, Stephan Zirwes erases the physical borders between reality and fiction. Aesthetic and pure at first sight, his work reveals a deeper aspect to the gazing eye. Indeed, he also investigates political as well as social topics through the structures, contrasts and connections between the various components of his images. Always at the edge of abstraction, man happens to be at the centerpoint of his focus. Yet, his photos don?t tell a story but trigger an emotional vision.


Winner of the prestigious Sony World Photography Award (Architecture Category, 3rd place) in 2016, as well as of the Hasselblad Masters Award in 2010, Zirwes has been published in countless international magazines including Profifoto (Germany) ; Azart (France) ; Arte Photografico (Spain) ; Fotomagazin (Germany) ; Blink #3(Korea) ; EyeMazing (Netherlands), etc.


Stephan Zirwes's biography (pdf)
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Chemin du Village, 06650 Opio
(20mn de Cannes / 20' from Cannes, FR)
+33 (0)4 93 09 0000