Marc Lagrange

Born in Congo, Marc Lagrange lived and worked mostly in Antwerp, in Belgium. He passed away in Tenerife in December 2015.

Evocative, sensual and voluptuous, Marc Lagrange's work celebrates beauty and pleasure. With a predilection for nudes and portraits, he created luxurious and timeless settings, where eroticism and intimacy play a central part. Building trust and chemistry with his models, Lagrange was daring but never crosses into mere titillation. He got them to reveal parts of themselves in a trusting climate, transforming the photo shoot as the ultimate performance act. Combining the glamour of classic Hollywood with the sensibility of an Old Master painting, all his alluring heroines seem at ease and approachable and yet just tantalizingly out of reach.

Lagrange's work has been praised by critics and collected worldwide. Having showcased his photographs through solo exhibitions throughout the world as well as in an important retrospective in Brussels ("Extra Large Marc Lagrange", which yook place in Graz in 2012 in a 3000 square meters space). In 2011, "Maison Lagrange" introduced more than 240 artworks to the public, many of them unseen. The retrospective lasted half a year. Several books have been published under his name, including Polarized at Ludion Publishing in 2009, Marc Lagrange 20 at Lido, XXML The Book in 2011, Diamonds & Pearls at TeNeues in 2013, and more recently, Senza Parole in 2016.


Marc Lagrange's biography (pdf)
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